Kate Hammer

Story Designer, Catalyst, Facilitator, Mentor, Coach

This is my tenth straight year helping businesses break out of their status quo. Many people are drawn to me to help them with imagination, courage and vision in work. Together, we lift the ceiling off what's possible.

I help people armed with expert knowledge figure out how to make change in the world when facing complex systems. The people I help may be ambitious all-rounders, misfits or mavericks, usually smart as the devil and often introverted.

The way I work seems to stoke people's courage and demonstrably propels them to achieve more, faster.

My purpose is to help you gain: clarity and confidence in your core business story. Working together, you'll become better able to deliver intelligently and creatively on the goals that will propel your business or project to success.

I work in a couple of ways. Most uniquely, through story design: a process of clarifying what you offer and the compelling case for why anyone else should care. I call it storyFORMing and teach it as a method that complements Business Model (or Lean Startup) Canvas. It is both "business design" and a navigational system for compelling, credible communication.

Like others, I also help people build up their imagination muscles and collaborative processes. To kickstart innovation, I bring fluid thinking people tell me is always 360-degrees, spacious, often free of boundaries or limiting assumptions. Yet I'm also capable of "thinly slicing" with an intelligence some have called "forensic".

"When Kate starts telling a story, everyone listens. She has an incredible way of capturing a room of people. However, what makes her remarkable is not her way of talking, but her ability to listen and facilitate conversation. Having Kate as an advisor for the social startups in our accelerator program, SoPact, was one of our best decisions so far, according to both us and the startups. Handing out useful tool after tool and taking the time to understand and coach each startup as well as leading a workshop for students, Kate impressed us in every field. A great inspiration." ~ client at social impact accelerator SoPact.Org in Sweden

Founder Throughline 2007
Co-Founder KILN 2010
Spearheaded This One's 4 Ruby 2010
Created #NoDust on Brexit 2016

2017 credentials bio here: https://throughline.co.uk/2017-bio/