We value your visits and respect the time and attention you give to Throughline.

When you enter details on the contact forms, your data will be housed in our cloud-based CRM for up to 30 days until it is downloaded on an in-house server where it is securely held locally for a period of up to 36 months. The server is password-protected and housed behind lock and key.

Coaching logs list organisations not individuals when the coaching is commissioned by an organisation. For the purposes of the log, a signed letter on letterhead verifying coaching hours delivered is held with the confidentiality/privacy policy of your organisation appended.

Coaching clients who are individuals are asked to grant permission for their name, contact email address, contact telephone number, start day of coaching, end date of coaching to be held in a file stored on an in-house password-protected server housed behind lock and key. The log is retained by Throughline Limited in accordance with International Coaching Federation standards (see “Confidentiality” here).

At present, there is no e-newsletter service. At present, we are not using a third-party cloud based system to house any mailing list.

At no time will your details be shared with a third-party without your prior knowledge and express agreement.

We believe in validating the effectiveness of what we do. So, we may from time to time approach you requesting permission to ask for feedback, contribute a case story or with your permission to introduce a qualified researcher with a study prospectus. There is no obligation or onus on you to respond favourably.

Please email Dr Kate Hammer at finance [at] throughline dot co dot uk with your request to be forgotten.

Terms And Conditions

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While we host the site with a reputable provider, we cannot guarantee that the site will perform consistently.

When materials housed on the website form part of the product you have purchased, we can at your request make digital copies available to you through other means (e.g. DropBox, Vimeo) to ensure that no service disruption to this website or its feeds impacts your use of Throughline products.

When we link to materials on third-party sites, we do our best to ensure that the links function and that the material is suitable. We cannot guarantee however the integrity of third-party sites. If clicking on a link leads you to inappropriate or offensive material, please act responsibly by closing your browser. If you let us know, we will remove the outbound link.

Fair use of this website is reading it online, and printing hard copies only for your own individual use. Please do not download the movies or screen them without our prior permission. Likewise, please ask before you use any of the images on this site, be they drawings, photographs, charts, diagrams, etc.

Should any dispute arise as a result of your use of this website, we will address this according to the laws of England & Wales.

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