Intrapreneurship 22 Sep 2016

Sep 22, 2016
etc.venues St. Pauls, 200 Aldersgate Street, London EC1A 4HD

Intrapreneurs create value in established organisations

Being an intrapreneur is not the easiest thing to do. After all, established companies surround their people with structures, systems, processes geared towards business-as-usual. To succeed as an intrapreneur requires a climate supporting risk-taking, experimentation and workplace imagination. Part of creating the climate within an organisation is about connecting with people who are restless with the status quo but not reckless. Such people are not so easy to find. That’s why the Intrapreneurship Conference is so important: it’s building a community of people united by their willingness to experiment and innovate within complex organisations.

The community belonging to Intrapreneurship Conference provides intrapreneurs with tangible benefits:

  • peer connections across industry and geography
  • the opportunity to exchange what works, what hasn’t, and think through what you may try next
  • an environment of curiosity and camaraderie

The Intrapreneurship Community excels because it places a clear emphasis on practitioners, and delivers what they need:  dynamic sessions, where people can learn by doing, not simply passively listen.

Intrapreneurs gather in London for a one-day conference

and you can join, enjoying a 25% discount with Throughline’s code!

We’re delighted that the Intrapreneurship gang is coming back to London, 14 months after the last visit. We’re delighted we can offer you a special discount.

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The brown button upper right will take you direct to the booking site.

2015 adventures with #IntraCnf intrapreneurs

Indy Neogy and I took IdeaKeg to the London Edition in May. We were joined by semiotician Chris Arning (founder of Semiofest) and by Karen Smithson’s Endless Possibilities graphic recording team.

Intrapreneur Ryan B and Engineer Laura working with IdeaKeg at Intrapreneurship Conference 2015


Think With Your Hands Flipchart


Indy Neogy reaches to Post-It Notes on a flip chart sheet with data generated by intrapreneurs . The video camera is on the sheet facing the camera.


Intrapreneurs' insights crystallised by Endless Possibilities at the Think With Your Hands session at Intrapreneurship Conference 5th Edition

The Think With Your Hands post on KILN’s site documents the session.

Later, when IntraConf stormed into NYC for the autumn, Gregg Fraley focused on the Art of Problem Framing.

This video caught me at the start of the New York event, and I think you’ll agree that even jet lag doesn’t dull my enthusiasm

Kate Hammer at Intrapreneurship Conference 2015 from Intrapreneurship Conference on Vimeo.

Join us in London September 22

You’ll find the Intrapreneurship Conference London event brochure here.

I hope to see you there!

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Sep 22, 2016
etc.venues St. Pauls, 200 Aldersgate Street, London EC1A 4HD

Who’s behind #IntraCnf

Logo for Intrapreneurship Conference  
A small team based in the Netherlands has been creating Intrapreneurship Conferences since 2011. It’s exciting to see how their reach is extending and how their pace is accelerating.
I’m especially excited that they’re now building an online platform called Intrapreneurship World to make the community insights accessible year round. The new subscription service offers video’d talks and case studies on demand. Live sessions also feature. It’s not the same as being in the room face -to-face, but it’s a valuable way to bring colleagues into the conversation.