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How to stop workplace conflict?

Stopping toxic workplace conflict can seem like an insurmountable challenge. We can help. Throughline helps teams struggling with conflict to become more effective.

Effective company teams

Harmonious teams are ones in which people share a common purpose, apply collaborative problem-solving skills, work well with people with different strengths, preferences and roles, and know how to constructively disagree.

“Learning by doing” means that Throughline training integrates into actual problem-solving. Click To Tweet Our work unleashes talent, increases intrinsic motivation and ramps up team morale.

The challenge creativity in the workplace poses

Workplace creativity can seem hard to foster, but often it can be even harder for middle managers when team members actually do start bringing their creativity to work. Fresh thinking challenges the status quo. Without proper preparation and skills navigating the unexpected, this challenge can lead some managers and leaders to clamp down.

Throughline works with leaders, managers and teams. We help all involved to learn and put into practice a road-tested framework for creative problem solving that provides a common vocabulary and recognisable behaviours. A common framework helps make creativity easier to welcome in the workplace.

Fostering a creative climate in a company

One of the barriers to a creative climate is a tacit or hidden agenda that preserves the status quo at all costs. One of Kate Hammer’s most widely shared articles on Innovation Excellence tackles this theme head-on. It’s called Innovation and the Art of Recognising Hidden Criteria.