Photo Credit: Kate Hammer 2016

How well are you coping with a crisis at work?

Coping with workplace crisis is a skill in itself, and one that few MBAs teach.

Market disruptions, site closures, acquisitions, leadership accession can all trigger crisis. Decision paralysis and rust-out often follow momentous bad news. How do you mitigate the damage your business suffers during a crisis? Click To Tweet

Throughline provides a problem-solving process that evoke better, clearer thinking and deliver actionable plans in the face of uncertainty. We also help with internal communication, coping skills, and addressing the draining impact of anger, frustration and fear.

Immediate response to a crisis country-wide

We walk the talk. Immediately after the shattering news that the EU Referendum results were dividing the country and affecting the economy, Kate Hammer changed tact. Throughline fast-tracked the relaunch of its services focused on the UK and parked plans to develop an online course. Instead, work went into understanding the landscape that made the EU Referendum upset possible, and fostering a cultural response that would help people address their anger, grief and disappointment in parliamentary democracy.

The result: a series of articles, a growing readership on Twitter, new collaborations, and a pioneering public event scheduled the day Parliament returns after the summer session.