Concept translation

Photo Credit: Ricardo Vernaglia 2014

Concept translation

Ever tried explaining what you’re building or selling, and been met with a blank stare? The value, the complexity, the nuance can all be lost in translation. When the message fails to land, nothing changes. Sometimes resistance mounts.

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“When should I work with a concept translator?”

Concept translation is useful:

  • as your business or product idea is taking shape
  • when you’re branching out, serving or working with unfamiliar types of people
  • when you’re offering something highly complex, that needs to be accessible to a range of audiences
  • when overwhelming change is underway, and people feel stunned or confused

“How does concept translation help?”

Concept translation helps by:

  • discovering what matters most to you and to the people you want to engage
  • providing orderings and ranks for information and explanation
  • forming stories that can be shared across many media
  • forging a new clarity that is easily shared
  • defining ad hoc spaces for people to gather and interact

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