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The story so far…

The question: how do you change what others choose? fascinates me. Always has. And I’ve noticed what a big difference fruitful conversations and short, compelling stories make to change. So I seized the opportunity to create something new. As the platform for my own work, I established Throughline in 2007 as a consultancy focused on stories and conversations in business.


Within just a couple of years, the problems I was being invited to solve were bigger than one person. Indy Neogy started working with me in 2009. Our focus grew to include stories, conversations and culture in business. Clients pulled us into the innovation arena.


We applied the frameworks and lenses we had learned in startup and corporate environments. Where none existed, we invented them. Notably, IdeaKeg (2010, with Gregg Fraley and Indy Neogy) and storyFORMing (2012).

Throughline incubated KILN to make and market IdeaKeg. In turn, KILN bootstrapped its way into the big league (2011-2016) before we wound down the 3-Dimensional trends “magazine” after more than 50 editions.


Leading workshops, delivering keynotes and panel talks at conferences in Europe and North America have helped me sharpen my thinking and enlarge our circle. Also, for four years running, the Innovation Excellence global community recognised as a Top 40 Innovation blogger.


In mid-2017 (the year Throughline turned 10) I decided to embark on my scariest project yet: writing a novel. Before that first summer was out, I’d written more than 20,000 words of the first draft written. Fast-forward two years, and I’m finishing two commercial literary fiction manuscripts. A top-flight literary agent signed me.

Writing is a lonely business; so for companionship I returned to part-time university teaching. To hone my facilitation skills, I also maintained some 1:1 coaching.


As I approach the mountain climb that is commercial publishing, I climb with a new pair of boots. My right foot wears the FHEA credential I earned for teaching excellence earlier this year whilst my left wears the ACC credential reassuring clients of my certified coaching status with the International Coaching Federation.

Beyond all the wonderful people I meet and work with in so many walks of life, I’m excited to use my portfolio of catalytic and creative skills and my egghead appetite for knowledge to connect the dots. Because I’ve granted myself the permission and sweated to create the conditions for Throughline’s ongoing evolution, I’m now able to help others connect their own dots in work and life.

Maintaining a matrix that supports my own creativity is teaching me many things. The blog will reflect this, as topics move beyond corporate innovation and entrepreneurship into wider, more personal areas. If you’re creating content and would like to offer a guest post, please get in touch.

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Kate Hammer leading an IdeaKeg session at Entrepreneurship Conference, London