How to use the storyFORMing deck

Learning by doing

“storyFORMing is a great tool, empowering a meaningful, contextual exploration and articulation of your organisation’s purpose and processes”
— — SandPit Labs

The storyFORMing deck provides a way to learn story design by doing it. The method galvanises you to create and tell new stories, which in turn help you find acceptance, create allies and win buy-in. Once you’ve learned to use the storyFORMing process, you’ll be a better storyteller with a clearer lens on change.

Story design is the flip side of strategy. It’s a way to pivot, plan and launch fast and with integrity. You learn story design principles by using the storyFORMing visual thinking toolkit.

storyFORMing help you and your team see the big picture, by exploring, re-imagining and documenting key elements of your work. This can include the user/consumer insights and new product concepts that are fundamental to your innovation or new product development (NPD) work; and also the principles and practices that define your culture change programme.

A 60-min starter course can be offered as a gateway to more intensive work with a single project team, or repeated up to six times in a single day to provide a learning experience for teams of up to 100 people.


“It is often said there are 3 levels of knowledge:
1. Where you think that everything is easy and simple.
2. When you recognise how complex a topic is and how little you know and/or struggle to convey it.
3. When you can make the complex simple and accessible.
storyFORMing is definitely operating from the third – and deepest – level.”
— Damian Hughes, best-selling business author

I created storyFORMing in 2012 to explain how a successful project worked. storyFORMing launched at the Innovation, Creativity and Leadership Day (ICL2012) at City University and then as a keynote at Shoppers Insights produced by IIR in Chicago, USA. Since then, storyFORMing has travelled widely from my base in London, England. Internationally, I’m known as a creative facilitator, commercial storyteller and courage coach. My greatest joy is sharing storyFORMing, and seeing  the difference the new lens makes to people’s creative effectiveness and courage.

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