An Entrepreneurial Mindset: Nature or nurture?

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Behind coloured glass that looks like stained glass, two children hold paint brushes and paint

Entrepreneurial mindset: is it an inborn trait, or can it be learned? The nature/nurture debate impinges on how we conceive and operate industrial firms, commercial enterprises and complex organisations. Typically, we see positive attributes at the firm, unit or departmental level as premised in the capabilities and features of individuals. So firms are adaptable, teams are flexible, units are responsive because … Read More

The Art of Recognising Hidden Criteria

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Hidden Criteria, Novelty and the Gag Reflex When we propose a novel concept that disrupts cherished assumptions and tacit expectations, we need to expect hidden criteria to surface. Hidden criteria are the crutches decision-makers lean on as they attempt to block something truly disruptive because it is frightening or de-stabilizing. In the face of fear, the limbic system hijacks the mind and … Read More