Check your concept is credible by storyFORMing

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Entrepreneurs and innovators often get very excited about introducing a new solution that will improve people’s lives. Their passion is a key ingredient. But passion can lead to blind spots. These can slow down or even stop success. Also, business schools teach analysis relying on cold facts and figures stripped of human relevance. While quantitative analysis plays an important role … Read More

Stories are infectious

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A good story demonstrates how people change. Story logic is organised around a transformative event. Simple stories spring from a single event. Longer or more complex stories link multiple events. Linked events may be sequential or parallel. Good narrators know how to mix sequential and parallel in ways that hold the audience’s attention. The definition of a transformative event is … Read More

Story and imagination in the fuzzy front-end of innovation

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A person or team needs to act, in the face of uncertainty. How? Those facing complex challenges – where prediction is not possible, and where some form of creative coping strategy is needed — must find a way to act constructively This paper explores one such strategy, using story. The problem of what to do when knowledge is imperfect Other … Read More