Receiving an accolade for my work in Applied Creativity

8 November 2016 About us
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Business Innovation Brief

My story in business

I was thrilled to receive an accolade for my work applying creativity to business. For the most part, I invent and spread processes & toolkits to help people lift the ceiling constraining what’s thought possible. The story design process known as storyFORMing encapsulates what I’ve learned over 25+ years in the startup world and in civic experiments in raising hope & funds.

I founded Throughline in 2007 to consult on stories, conversations & culture in business. In 2010, Throughline incubated KILN, which publishes a 3-dimensional “magazine”. Called IdeaKeg, it inspires teams to become both more structured and more imaginative in their problem solving activities. IdeaKeg featured in Trend-Driven Innovation (Wiley, 2015), and at diverse industry and academic conferences since 2013.


My curiosity

The fundamental feature of the insane summer after Britain’s EU Referendum results turned our world upside down was the way new conversations quickly grew (or died) across distance and difference. I find I’m now very curious which credentials matter and to whom. The heart of my curiosity is: which credentials stoke the confidence a stranger may have in me? Which evoke distrust, even rile rage? Who gets mad when I cross their radar? Who is relieved or excited?
With Dr Min Basadur at Make Happy, Clerkenwell, receiving my certificate.

Credentials on my mind

One reason credentials is on my mind is that yesterday Dr Min Basadur presented me with my certificate as a Senior Research Fellow in applied creativity from the Basadur Centre for Applied Creativity. BAC has been Min’s forge since he retired from Procter & Gamble to devote himself to teaching and research at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario; and consulting with companies. Fast forward 30 years, and through BAC he has taught thousands his Simplexity approach to structured creative problem solving.

An inspirational teacher

When I met Min in 2014, besides completely hitting it off as teacher and student, I was fascinated by the genealogy of his approach and also how much it’s been submerged in history. I have long felt that the fashion of Business Re-engineering as a cost-cutting exercise was badly focused as a reduction/elimination exercise, rather than as a culture and capacity challenge. Min’s method strikes at the heart of this. The world would be a different place if collaborative problem solving occupied the place on MBA syllabuses held by efficiency-only processes. Replacing efficiency-only topics in MBAs with collaborative problem solving would change the world Click To Tweet