Helping you (with) change

Making change

My name is Kate Hammer and I’d like to help you make change. I bring a decade’s track record in consultancy, twenty years’ experience in startups and a raft of experience inventing new, worthwhile things. I’m based in London EC2.

I offer three services to groups and individuals:


Through conversations and workshops, I help people determine what problem they want to solve; and provide tools and frameworks that support their collaboration.
  • If you’re seeking a workshop facilitator or creativity facilitator, I may be your perfect fit.
  • If you’re commissioning new higher education/adult learning courses in my fields and seek help designing (sometimes deliver), I may be an excellent partner.


I offer single and serial coaching sessions for people aiming to do hard things.
  • My coaching style appeals to restless, impatient people. To mavericks, and the mighty who face or fear set-backs. To people with big brains.
  • My 2018 focus is on creative professionals seeking to launch or build their creative practice in design, architecture, coaching/consultancy.
  • My “talkshops” on workplace imagination and using stories in business are memorable and immediately effective.

Concept translation

I am adept at helping people with complex offerings clarify and communicate them.
  • This work happens in a fuzzy area at the intersection of strategy, branding and communications.
  • When the CEO needs something that no conventional consultancy can deliver, I can often help.
  • When your agency is adept at implementing communications, but less adept at imagining them, I step in.
  • When huge upheaval happens (like the outcome of the EU Referendum in Britain), I know how to break the awkward silence and help people start talking.

Sound useful?

Let me know how I can help.


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Keen to become more courageous? More compelling? Contact me, please.

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