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Develop your leadership capacity with Kate Hammer, a professional certified coach experienced in corporate innovation and the sharp end of start-ups.

Kate Hammer, a white middle aged woman wearing a linen shirt and tan chino trousers in side profile listening and smiling towards a seated workshop participant at SoPact in 2015.

Safe space to stretch

Kate Hammer is committed to providing a reassuring, psychologically safe space for people to think, articulate problems and creatively work towards resolution. Via deliberate action, adaptation and/or acceptance, Kate will help you craft your throughline.

Resourced & enriching

Kate's work is informed by the psychology of workplace creativity, positive psychology and existential psychology. Clients reframe, adopt new approaches, and evolve fresh attitudes by understanding their personal style and strengths, clarifying values, and stoking motivation.In the past decade, Kate worked closely with Dr Min Basadur, creator of the Simplexity colloborative creative problem-solving method, and was trained by Dr Donna Hicks (Harvard) in the Dignity Model.

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Tweet screenshot from Incubus London that says: The amazing Kate Hammer is introducing storyFORMing to our startups to help them craft their commercial story with a whiteboard in front of which a white-middle aged woman wearing navy blue smiles.

Wise & experienced

Kate’s knowledge of the business world is built on 20+ years in start-ups and advising global corporations and complex organisations fostering innovative climates. The sectors Kate has worked in read like an A to Z, with clients and collaborators ranging across the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific.Psychologies Magazine, Management Today (UK), The Future Shapers, Disruptive Innovation Hub (Canada), Creative Problem Solving Institute Annual Conference, ESOMAR, International Society for Innovation Professionals (ISPIM), UK Market Research Society are just some of the places Kate's work has featured.Now, she is on the core faculty of She Leads Change, which fosters women change-makers across sectors and continents; and she is a member of Race Reflections, disruptors of DEI.

Five-star reviews

"My sessions with Kate were what I can only describe as transformative. She helped me understand some of the things that were blocking me and holding me back. It feels so liberating! I also really valued her deep kindness, empathy, and wisdom." - Technical expert, global software corporation++++"Working with Kate was eye opening. It has helped me to realise my own potential and give me the practices, tools and mindset to find myself, what makes me tick and how to develop in a sustainable way. She is open and trustworthy, and I felt very comfortable working with her the whole time and look forward to doing so again." - Manager, national media company++++"Compassionate to her core, Kate’s ability to listen - actively, deeply and non-judgementally - created a safe, enabling environment where I could explore ideas and develop thoughtful solutions. Kate’s appreciation of diverse and multiple perspectives helped to open up new and fresh possibilities." - Communications Director, international institute++++"I am very happy to recommend Kate as a coach. Several aspects of her style really impressed me. Great listener. She gives you 100% of her attention during the coaching. Great preparation. Goal oriented. She knew what I wanted to achieve and kept each session very much on track to achieve that. Choosing a coach is always such a personal decision but I can assure you that Kate has all the necessary skills and experience you would want from a top coach." - Senior executive, business information industry

Kate Hammer, a middle-aged white woman wearing yellow half-spectacles smiles. Her burgundy tunic hangs loose. On her lap, a notebook. She holds a pen. Her nails are painted merlot.

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