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We are an excellent partner in change, with over a decade’s experience bringing road-tested practices that promote collaboration and create practicable solutions in your workplace. We help leaders, teams and individuals change.  The people we help become more innovative, more creative, more courageous and better able to adapt in their work.

What we do

We provide creativity training. Also, we mentor, we coach, we advise and we deliver meaningful learning and catalytic team experiences. We can help you improve your organisational culture, nurture your innovation climate, evolve your business model and deepen how much people engage with your business or organisation.  Please explore the site and let us know how we can help you make a dent in the world.

Favourite post

  • Steelworker with face mask uses welder creating sparksStrategy as story: Understanding power and influence
    In this post, I’ll explain the claim I make in storyFORMing workshops, that story & strategy are two sides of the same sheet of paper. To do so, I’ll draw upon the work of War Studies expert Lawrence Freedman and management studies thinker, Roger M. Martin. Textbook definition

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Can people and teams learn to be more innovative?

As founder of an innovation and creativity training company based in London, UK, it’s a question I’m asked often. The short answer is: yes, learning to be more creative in the workplace is possible, changing the climate of your company is possible. In fact, the two are closely connected.

The startup edge

Throughline is embedded in the startup world but also we work with established corporate brands to ramp up creativity and agility, using our proprietary framework, tools & methodologies. Our practices have evolved at the intersection of engineering, management, entrepreneurship, design and the arts. We put ourselves to the test: launching our own campaigns and products. There’s no sitting on the sidelines for us.

Our own innovations

For example: In 2010, we incubated a company called KILN and spearheaded a pro bono campaign that smashed its goals. In 2016, in response to the leadership vacuum in Britain following the divisive referendum, we stepped in to enlarge and deepen the civic conversation around Britain’s proposed exit from the European Union. Along the way,we’ve learned a fair bit from our failures and our successes. We make our discoveries available to all who seek our help in doing something novel, unfamiliar or near-impossible.
What dent in the world do you aim to make?
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