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How to become more innovative?

As founder of an innovation and training company based in London, UK, it’s a question I’m asked often. Now in our tenth year, we have a unique, in-depth experience in helping leaders, teams and individuals become more innovative and better able to adapt in their work. We train, we mentor, we coach, we advise and we deliver meaningful training and catalytic team experiences.

Throughline is embedded in the startup world but also we work with established corporate brands to ramp up creativity and agility, using our proprietary framework, tools & methodologies. Our practices have evolved at the intersection of engineering, management, entrepreneurship, design and the arts. We put ourselves to the test: launching our own campaigns and products. There’s no sitting on the sidelines for us.


How to change company culture?

Because established practices are untenable; change is uncomfortable; longheld assumptions are being overturned by current events. Old models are breaking. You need a partner in change bringing road-tested practices that promote collaboration and create practicable solutions in your workplace, organisational culture, innovation climate, business model and people engagement. We’ll help you change your culture and leadership style through action, co-creation and learning.

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